Monday, January 13, 2014

Turkey Week 11/25/13

Hey so first thing is first. I have a question straight  up for Season! I am going to send pictures of my Mission President and his wife. So as the Zone Leaders we are in charge of getting them presents, They are pretty well off and we wanted to be original butttt... I thought of a cool idea. My sister Season is really good at caricatures! Soooo... I was wondering if you Season would be able to draw caricatures of my Mission President and his wife:)))) It would be so awesome! Like big heads in a suit and stuff. That would be the best Christmas present for me! Because I am like working hard and serving and stuff. So I will send the pictures of their faces attached with this email. Send to 5931 96th st w. Bloomington, Mn for this is the Mission Home address and if my name is on it they will forward it. If you could put it in a big envelope or something like the bubble ones prob like 8x11 or bigger I am not sure the cardstock style paper, that would be sosososososososososo cool. Anyways:) Oh our Christmas Conference is December 5th! So if I could get it by then that would be soooo awesome.  Pre Dec 5th. 
          Well I am doing well. Me and Elder Alpert had 2 exchanges this week, 1 Monday night. I stayed in the area no gps or anything just bossed it up 4th day in the area. Taught a lady but she wasn't interested in further meeting and also set up an apointment and stuff. Then we taught a reactivating family. We are gonna make Temple vision boards of their faces and help them get to the Temple. The Rannings. Super funny couple. Gave Sister Ranning a blessing she had eye sight surgery. Me and Elder Alpert did a lot of finding. Including a young bf/gf from Kenya. A cambodian bf/gf combo who are like 35 but look 20. They are Buddhist currently but they like us alot. We taught a teenage girl who really like the restoration but was under. So it was good week. We worked with a Micronesian family. Islanders possibly Tongans, Sizumu Lowary, his 9 year old son wants to get baptized .. So they said they wanna start coming to church and get Baptized! We were super excited they came to Church. 
        So busy I wish I could remember everything. Hey dad I wrote in my journal  6 times this transfer check that out!! Things are going really well. Just going to lots of District meetings. accountabilities. Numbers night. Set Zone goals just so much stuff and then take on a full proselyting schedule. It seems to work out though cause we spend 1 hour of finding and get an investigator and teach a lesson. I kinda throw down. Elder Alpert is a way good teacher and a good finder as well.  Today we are helping some Sisters on the college campus. Me and Elder Alpert both served in Mankato on college campus and I went to Dinkytown sometimes. Well our Zone did pretty decent this week. We have lots of people getting Baptized. Two families. December will be a huge month. And we are gonna Baptize a person as well it will be so awesome! Well let me know of anything I missed. I am doing welll. Thanksgiving we might have 3 dinners. Our new Cambodian friends. PM the Matsons with recent convert Angelo (17)  who might go to outpatient. And one with  Sister Robinson. Oh ya church I went to church we have this Muslim investigator from Iran, I thought he would know Bahram, I guess I was stereotyping when I asked him that.

 Also we sent a message to our Zone from the Australian Sister in our Zone, It was Like Dingo Ate my Baby!  It was awesome. We sent it to the Zone and she is a little mad. 

Well love ya all so much!!!
-Elder Hall

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