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Letter from Mom Fight ON! 8/26/13

Konnor Hall,

I wanted to send you my learning and thoughts for the week, sorry it is long:)

A safe return to the Gospel.  A great return to happiness, and sealing an eternal family and return to the presence of God.  Forgiveness has three parts.  1.  Learning to forgive others freely. 70 X 7 or until we reach perfection.  2.  Seek the forgiveness of others.  3.  FORGIVE YOURSELF.  Forgive is a wonderful word, we take something which belongs to us and we give it away.  The prefix 'for' is an amplifier asking us to get that thing far from us, throw it quickly.  

Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves for many reasons.  It is really our gift for it lightens our load and quickens our pace.  We are happier when our minds and hearts are clear and full of love for Gods children.  And when we freely forgive and do not hold a grudge, God forgives us freely.  How wonderful this principle is, how refreshing like the morning shower is for the outside a spirit of continual forgiveness is cleansing for the spirit.  

I learned 
1.  The Savior forgives us upon Earth and not just in the Final Judgement.  Forgiveness is an ongoing Process.
2.  In forgiveness we see the redeeming power of the Atonement applied.
3.  The Lord recognizes our righteous efforts!!!
4.  Weak things become strong unto us, and by the Strength of Jesus Christ, we are made able to do that which we could never do alone.
5.  Church leaders are counseled to show confidence in striving individuals and not be judgmental.  Treating setbacks as a temporary and understandable setback.

President Monson counseled.  "We need to bear in mind that people can change.  They can put behind them bad habits.  They can repent from transgressions. . . We can help them to overcome their shortcomings.  We MUST develop the capacity to see men not as they are at present but as they may become.  

Konnor I have had this gift of Discernment come over me the first time I was called to be YW President.  I was 22 and scared, also I did not know a person in the Wellington Utah Ward we had just moved into.  I expressed my concerns in a silent prayer as I sat in the back of the YW room the week before it would be announced to the small group of YW that I was the new leader.  And God opened up my understanding.  As I looked at the back side of each girl, I saw what Heavenly Father knew they his beloved daughters, would become.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude, and knew a little better how God works with his and sees his children.  God is VERY Good at what He does, He is working for each of us to become immortal and eternal beings by his side.  He does not intend to loose one child.  Heavenly Father is patient and kind as we stumble and fall.  He lovingly picks us up if we ask for his help.  

Konnor I know you are working hard.  And It makes me proud that you are a person not pulled down by others who do not work as hard.  You are a person who can set high goals and teach others to work and spend their time on God's errand.  We can only know what to do when we make it a matter of righteous sincere prayer.  I know the Man God sees in you Elder Hall.  It is a leader with tremendous capability and capacity to influence the children of men through sports for the rest of your earthly life.  You have much preparation and much to look forward to.  Right now you are developing the people skills to make this all possible as you are on an errand for God.  

I hope you know how much you are loved.

Wanny leaves for BYU Hawaii next Wednesday.  WOW.  She is planning and preparing everything.  Wanny has worked very hard and stayed focused for this opportunity, and I know she is on path.  

It is Grandma Lois's birthday on Wednesday, so please send her a letter:)  She is so nice, and has not missed anything, but getting going is extremely difficult for her with her stiff joints.  Lois handles pain and infirmity better than anyone I know.  What a joyous example dear Lois is to us her beloved family.

Pray for your Dad his shoulder worsens, and he can not sleep.  His pain is effecting his ability to work:(

I love you so much.  Keep fighting the fight for the souls of man.  Even if you can teach one principle or ask one good question which will make good people understand there is path to live eternally with their beloved families, without the Gospel of Jesus Christ and working through all the ordinances, this will not be possible.

Fight on.  Love with the unconditional love our Savior has for you Konnor.  When in a difficult situation just think the Savior loves this person so much, can I do less?  

I miss you.  I thought of you all week as I saw missionaries in Provo at Education Week.  What a time to be a part of this great work, you are the examples and light of the world.  Thank you Konnor.

Love Always MOM!

Konnor to Mom,

Good old education week. Sounds cool. I actually sent Grandma a letter a few weeks ago just catching up with her. She sent me a birthday card. Tell her I love her!!  And give her a special hug for each one of her grandkids. She has a lot of grandkids going on missions and on missions. . . .  She must be a really good Grandma. She would be surprised at what it is like now a days. So would you actually but the bad will get worse and the righteous will get better. I am terribly unqualified to train. But I will try. I like just being normal District Leader a lot better. That has been one of my favorite parts out here. A lot of success in our District is happening!

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