Monday, January 13, 2014

Conference Family update from Mom 10/17/13

Hi Elder Konnor,

Dad said to keep this short.  Ha Ha Ha.

I loved Conference, what great council and loving guidance from our leaders.  How open and sad President Monson was about his wife.  I love him so much.  How does President Monson arrive at just the right place to give blessings, I can think of 12 examples of people who really needed him, and he was there.  Wow, I think I figured out the Scripture, take my yoke upon you, for my burden is light.  In the past I thought, "Christ your burden is not light"!  But now I know that through great faith and obedience comes the ability to use Gods power his Priesthood power.  And yoked with Christ, how could the pull be hard?  

Well funny things to remember from 2013 October Conference.  The fly on the man from Australia.  That fly did not leave him alone.  It landed on the microphone and started at him.  It flew in front of his face.  Landing on his face a couple times.  Once he seated it away making it look like he was just moving his hand for speaking emphasis.  I say well done to carry on.

Another funny thing was at the Perry's for the last session of Conference.  I tickled Taylor's back, I love that she is in Jr. High and still plops down next to me to get her back tickled.  What a bright and beautiful girl.  Skyler asked us if we were Hungry and could she get us something to eat.  I can't get over how aware of others our beautiful Skyler is.  And Myles was so cute.  He had quietly watched conference now for many hours and had the wiggles.  He picked up an American flag and marched to the song WE ARE AS THE ARMIES OF HELAMAN.  Myles sat on Skyler's face- many times.  As Skyler laughed and laughed.  Myles snuck behind the living room purple couch brought in for extra seating and silently pulled Taylor's blanket away.  To save money the Perry's traded in one car for a Honda mini van.  I think it is really nice and more practical for all the car pools Summer is doing and will have to do.  Summer was sad.  Bryson is next, he will trade his monster Truck.

Eleanor had a Birthday party this weekend.  She wanted to see Elephants, so Season made all these darling Elephant snacks.  And they went to the SanDiego Zoo.  Cute Photos.  Eleanor's Birthday is not until the 23 but Season is due the first week of November and thinks she will come early, so she did not want to miss a party for Eleanor.  Lucy loved the rattlesnake.  Ha Ha.

Also, Starr brought over her new boyfriend, I loved him.  He was tall (6'2"), funny, kind and a BYU fan.  Starr seemed to really like him and feel comfortable around him.  He even brought us treats.

So all is well at home.  How are you?  Anything funny this week?  We all love you and are all very proud of you.  Sounds like the Church is trying to get the BOM in all languages, hopefully Nepali, right.

I am so stinking proud of you and the wonderful patient leadership skill you have.  I am very proud of your raps for the Lord.  I think you are awesome and capable of anything you set your determined mind to do.  I am so grateful you are giving some of your young and energetic years to the Lords precious work.  I heard all about that message the last two days.  May the Holy Ghost be your constant companion and may your ask continually for the Lords help as you take his yoke upon you.  He will stand by your side and pull any direction you decide to go.  I love you deeply, and I know how much you love your family and our Father in Heaven.  Have a wonderful week.  Take the messages of Conference with renewed energy and go.

Love Always MOM

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