Monday, January 13, 2014

Burnsville near Apple Valley, Here I come! 11/11/13

Transfers, I am going to Burnsville Minnesota.  I will write more about it in a second but it is right next to Applevalley and part of it might be in my area I will at least go there for sure. So send me al and patty's info!!

        It is going to be a weekend at Bernie's if ya know what I Mean! So i am getting transferred to Burnsville, Mn. Which is just barely below Minneapolis and under the Minnesota river. 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis. I should be in this area about 6 months that's just a guess but that is what I think. I am going to be a Zone Leader. Weird. But it should be good. I hope I get to see Al and Patty, if you send me their information like number and address! that would be sweet. Any other Minnesota friends in Burnsville? Hit me up. It has 61,000 people in it. I am pretty excited. It should be like almost really urban suburbs. YAY, I have missed black people a lot. Elder Tubbs new companion is gonna be Elder Brown no clue. I think they are both young. They will do good. Gave him his posterity belt to hand down the generations. My new companion is Elder Alpert. He has been companions with 2 of mine. Pinsent and Cluff. We should get along well, he is pretty funny I guess. Our Zone seems pretty decent sized. I thought it would be smaller but while I am looking at it lets see, this Zone has 24 missionaries including us in the Zone. So it will be good. 

         It has been a great week! It is kinda sad we taught a bunch of new people. Had some awesome moments. Always hard to leave an area even in the stixx. I have learned so much about Ward structure here. The Ward is awesome. It was the best Sunday since I have been here. You could just feel the love of the Ward. I am gonna miss the Junckers a lot! They arent in our Ward anymore anyways. Special assignment to a Branch. A lot of changes always come with transfers but I have come to learn that change is good, even necessary or it would defy the Atonement of Christ. We are here to change. 
           We had 4 investigators come to Church. That was pretty sweet. Debi, Joe and Rinehart, and last but definately not least, Gilbert. Gilbert is the Bomb. He was on drugs for most of his life. He is late 50s. Looking for change in his life. So this is how we tracted into him. (edit for the kids) (Mom is editing now) Taught him and his girlfriend the restoration. We said hey we can get you a shirt for church if you want cause he said he would come. He was like- not my thing. We were like whatever. We got him a ride to church and picked him up with a member he had jeans and a tank top on, the tank top read" bad a**", from that point I was excited. He was super nervous cause everyone was in suits and stuff and was like guys you should have told me. But a lot of people talked to him and when he got to the chapel he kind of calmed down and felt the spirit. But he talked to me literally all sacrament. I was teaching him about our church and stuff but he talked a lot. He said he wanted change in his life cause he has messed up big. The only time he didn't talk to me was when i bore my testimony cause it was my last Sunday there. I kinda knew.  But He said he recognized the Bishop whom he had never met before. It was kinda crazy.  He has a tentative Baptism date for Dec 28th.  In gospel principles he was getting heat flashes cause he has hepatitus c. It was awesome. It is crazy how I have learned to love everyone. Elder Tubbs is gonna have a awesome time teaching him.  We are going tonight bringing him suits, pants, ties, and shirts, and we are gonna teach him. Last night at 1am he sent a hilarious text, it was really heartfelt and said I love and respect you guys for helping me change my life. That is the watered watered watered down version.  But he is awesome. I love Gilbert ,hahah. 

             So transfers are wednesday, Sister hatch (in princeton ward) has a 32 year old companion. Guy from finland staying. And Burnside newish elder in buffalo is staying and is the new Dl.  Things are going well. Whooo! Burnsville. love you guys.  --Elder Hall. write me. 

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