Monday, January 13, 2014

Painting bike and shoes LEGIT! 10/14/13

Well funny week!
          So to clear things up, I am in the Princeton Ward. Sister Curtis who served in the mission office in the LA mission with Dad is in the Elk River Ward. The Missionaries in our District The Elk River set, live with her. So I have been to her home 3 times on exchanges and the last time I asked where she served her mission and put it together.  I asked who her Mission President was and she said President Garret. So then I knew cause that was Dad's first Mission President. BUT there is also Ward Missionaries in the Princeton Ward. They were going to Utah on a trip and to Saratoga Springs. For family visit.  I said, "Hey can you drop stuff off at Thanksgiving Point for me"? So they were kind enough to do it. SO different people. But that was kind of awkward. That was nice of them to take my stuff!  Glad you guys are doing good. Hey, I did send a letter. Just to Thanksgiving Point box. I haven't had the St. George address or couldn't find it until this email today. 9/14/2013. So just mixin it up. Enjoy those letters! Well Debi didn't come to church. We had a terrible lesson with her. Then a good lesson where we all fasted and she said alright I am quitting smoking tomorow. But she didn't come to church. The Sisters just committed a part member 60 year old Santa looking guy named Charlie to Baptism on Nov 2nd. I gave him a big hug on Sunday. It has been a good week. We set a goal with 16 member presents as a District and we got 17! We made shirts today it was District p-day. Fun stuff. Made tie die shirts. B-ball. Lotsa pizza. Volleyball. Jenga. Lots of stuff. Now we are emailing. I get to teach the Nepali couple. Garuna and Pravin tonight they are making Roti and Curry. Sick. Going on exchange to buffalo for that. Well in our area... We taught some new people. A boy named Elijah 12 years old friends with a member on his football team. Wants to come to mutual and church and stuff he is a cool kid. Some other people we will see if they pan out. Oh this new family came out of the woodworks. The Larson's. Mom is a member she has a boyfriend. He told us he was searching. Hopefully Elder Tubbs sees them tonight. District meeting tomorow. Just trying really hard to accomplish things. Our Bishop wants us to work with the members. But referals are like nutso annoying the majority of Baptisms come from missionary finding. We will see. I hugged 5 people this week . That is new, someone committed me to do it cause I commit missionaries to do lots of things. So that is what I did. Things are good. Man that old bike, I am painting it black. It's gonna be LEGIT! Hahaha And my shoes that I have worn to Church since I was 15, yeah I got white paint on them. So they were kinda like disobedient to wear. But I painted 'em black. We had a good week. Oh, it was leadership too! Man. Our Zone leaders are sooo cockky. It is pretty funny. I am only in the Zone for 4 more weeks, so whatever. They actually work in our area with us this week on Wednesday. I saw a lot of Missionaries at Leadership. It is interesting. Most of the Leaders have a lot of confidence, but are also really cocky. We are really an obedient Mission but we are prideful! The weather is cold. Elder Tubbs is cold everywhere. its not cold but I put on a coat a few times. Rainy today. 50's this last week. Some 60s and 70's. It waited til Thanksgiving to snow and stick last year. That would be sweet if it did that again too. I am doing good. Working hard. Tired all the time but loving it.
-Elder Hall

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