Monday, January 13, 2014

Hot 80 degrees with humidity 115:) 8/26/13

Konnor Hall 

         It has been a good week! really hot! I think it is like 115 with the humidity at about 80 degrees. So sweaty. My companion just graduated high school from American fork he is the same age as sharwan. It is crazy. Elder Tubbs from AF he is funny. He is a good guy, knows the scriptures decently and stuff. This week we went to transfer meeting Elder Boynton left then i tracted all day in Bloomington. That is what the trainers do while they wait for their companions cause they get interviewed by the President and have first day stuff that they do. Then at 5:30 we have dinner with all the new missionaries. A young women named Kendra Curtis came out to the mission this last Wednesday and she is brand new. So I saw her at the mission home. Ate pizza with her and caught up a little bit. It is super weird cause we almost had a thing once! Plus she is way pretty. I am not trunky or anything just telling you it is an interesting situation but it was good to see her she is in a different Zone no worries. Plus, I am not sister guy. I'll send a picture of meeting up or something next week I forgot my camera this week. A member drove us to the Mission home I'll day. He is a stud and saved us like 150 miles. My boy. We had a good first week. Not too much going on but we taught some lessons and some less-actives. Elder Tubbs even invited 2 ladies to Baptism. So hopefully more of where that came from coming soon. Can't believe Wany goes to BYUH in two days. I don't know what you are doing sending her there! Lindsay Lohan threw a party there a few years ago and partied with the BYU-H kids! Ha that part is true but that is a good school and exciting Sharwan will be a great student.
            I also went and traveled around this weekend. 1 team in our district had this lady Sister Larsen whose family is all members and she wanted to be Baptized.  That was in Elk River, she was a good lady about 40 she kept saying man your so young your like my sons age. I guess he is 22. Wait til she see's all of the Baptism Interviews coming from 18 year olds. It was a good interview though. She is getting a second one to talk with our Mission Presidency or someone in it for that. Her Baptism will be Saturday.
             I also interviewed a guy named Brady who lives in Buffalo, MN. He is 20 and he is really cool. He is dating and is engaged to a member. He had a sincere testimony of everything. We had a good interview and he is already inviting people to Church, WOW. He is getting married in October and Baptized this Saturday as well. He is pretty awesome and will be a great member. So awesome things and miracles are happening. Us or the Sisters need to get someone Baptized. Cause Princeton needs some miracles! It is plowing through the weeds in this area but we will figure it out! gonna do some La work too. Joe is an old guy 78 that we teach. He has a good  testimony. He smokes like a banshee. So we are helping him quit. Debi is procrastinating her repentance she has an outstanding testimony. Her Faith is low and she is struggling quitting, she gets stressed and lets that get the best of her. Rine  is a part member as well but young maybe 25, he comes to only Sacrament meeting every Sunday and we meet with him every other week.  Things are going well. I played basketball and did some drills that were way too freaking hard today. I am out of shape. start sending me excercise programs or diets! I love you all. I am grateful for you guys. Society is so crazy. I am kinda crazy but keep it up! Ya I will write you back every letter! Thats a promise! See ya in 1!
         -Elder Hall

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