Monday, January 13, 2014

20 ways to work with members! Snowing, learned to Juggel behind my back. 10/21/13

Hi everyone,
       It started snowing yesterday so it is a little colder and it is snowing right now. So I have asked Elder Tubbs if he has a coat ever since he has been here and he has this thing that is like a windbreaker style no hoody. Ha and no gloves. He thought he was gonna be fine with that stuff. So we are gonna find some sweet stuff at thrift places. Ha but he just pulls it out and wears it it is pretty funny. I was like dude you gotta get something warm. Cause there is no places to shop in our area so he might be in trouble. It isn't that cold but we don't run the heater in our apartment. At least yet and he gets cold when it is 67. So he is done for this winter. But last winter was pretty long so I think I am used to it. Things are going well. Debi wasn't able to completely quit but she is doing wayyy awesome!!!!! We set a date with Rinehart  for the 16th of November. So hopefully he nails that. We have some Baptismal interviews in the District this week so that will be pretty cool.
       We had the Zone Leaders blitz our area this week so we had a relatively successful week as far as stuff we did. Found a lot of people. Taught a lot of restorations this week. We are really focusing on working with the members. Our Bishop was like you guys need to be finding through the members, spend your time with the members. We don't need to do it that much, but it is important. That is what I talked about this week at District meeting. So we made 20 ways to work with members. I challenged all the Ward to horse! Ha. We showed it in Ward council. Bishop Izzo emailed President about us just going out members alot basically and he said President didn't necessarily love the idea. He said we as the Missionaries still need to find. I think that's cause like 42% of our Baptisms right now are coming from Missionary finding. We do a lot of it. We teach people everywhere. Our mission is pretty good at that just talking to people and teaching them right there. We got some good stuff set up this week. Me and Elder Matteson (zone leader) found a lady named Jerica who is really interested in religion and she almost came to church. We are meeting with her again on Wednesday and bringing a really cool lady from the Ward with us.
         So things are going really positive. Just in time for me to get going:( But I love the cities! Pray hard. We have some Halloween activities going on soon that we can capatilize on and a burgers and brothers thing on Saturday.
         This week I learned how to juggle behind my back. It is pretty sweet. I can do it 9 times in a row and I am working on more! So that is pretty cool. Just staying really busy. Do you know what they call a nose with no body. -Nobody knows. This guy just told that to my companion. He is super goofy he tells us random jokes when we go to the library. Ha one time in the Temple in the wating room this Temple (provo)  guy told us a joke... it was crazy. So I have since learned who J. Golden is. He was a General Authority who was notorious for swearing. In fact he hated the people of St. George. And I guess Spencer W. Kimball is notorious for a slogan- Do It! or something. Idk . But the joke was what do you get when you cross J. Golden and Spencer w. Kimball. I was like idk what. He said "Do it Damn it!" it was pretty funny. There are lots of J Golden jokes. Edit that mom! just kidding don't, i think its funny. But I am doing good. Oh we lost our phone last night but then we found it. It almost made numbers night pretty interesting. Today we are gonna play some volleyball in 30 minutes with some less actives at the church. It should be fun! we had district pday last week and we all made Tie Dye Shirts. It is gonna get cold but i have a few more long John G's so i think I am good. Any creative idea's for halloween missionary work? But I am doing good. Always busy ! I am really starting to like this ward a lot. They are cool. but the churhc is everywhere! That is a cool thing about stateside missions. You get to see a lot of leadership and mentors to help you out. Like our bishop, high priest leader, His son 2nd counselor of the bishopric, ward mission leader, and lots of people are all just awesome! I am doing well. Have a happy october. I hear wany is going to a kegger party on halloween. Might want tostop that. drugs and stuff. 
-Love Elder Hall 

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