Monday, January 13, 2014

Worked on a Farm Grandpa 11/14/13

Hey Everyone!
           It has been a good week. Mission tour is tomorow. Elder Godoy is coming of the Quorum of the 70. That will be a good Conference. My last mission Tour:(. This week we had Zone Training and Interviews. It was the last week of the month so we did bike a lot. Maybe 20 miles 1 day, it was pretty rainy too. Our Ward had a special Halloween trunk-or-treat activity, and Halloween itself. Also we got to go to a play and work on a farm. Stay tuned for the details!
         Interviews were great, I had a really good interview with President and got to talk with him it helped me out a lot. I have been worried about a few things lately. Just wanting success to happen and a lot more going on. He gave some good advice. That was good, it was in St. Cloud. Nothing special some planning and quality teaching trainings, President taught about the doctrine of the trinity being false. 
           Trunk-or-treat was good. We passed out some candy and I interviewed  the Sisters investigator for Baptism. and that made things interesting. I missed the rest of the party. I don't care but it was long. It was the first time, I didn't pass anyone but I didn't feel too strongly about some things, but I didn't know how an investigator could bounce back from something like that. I talked to the Mission President and he reaffirmed things. Gave some advice. He didn't like that he couldn't get baptized. It was the worst members and the Bishop got involved and members were giving me advice, blah it was dumb. I was really worried that the investigator would just hate it and quit. But he got interviewed again by a member of the Mission Presidency and passed. They talked and the 2nd counselor felt he was ready. It was just a really stressful weekend.  But it's over and I am bouncin in a week! 
              Halloween went out teaching! Normal night. Passed out some candy before our member picked us up to take us teaching. Gave double for anyone who could guess my Nepali name tag. Went to Debbie's and played LDS jeopardy. So that was my Halloween. That was pretty much it. It wasn't very bumping in Princeton on Halloween. Sad. I miss doughnuts and hot chocolate. Well not literally those would kill me. Speaking of which I think I maybe lost a couple of pounds. I was a little healthier.  
            At interviews I got permission to go to a play that was about pie baking it was a comedy , a members non member daughter was in it. So that was fun. Don't get to see plays often.  A member just told us to try teaching her husband!  We will get on that. He comes to church already. So we will see. I need to be more bold! Ah missionary stuff. The play was fun and funny. Some people had their lines memorized some people didn't, some people forgot, it was really funny. The play was at a Church, in Bock Minnesota- population 115. Funny stuff. 
             We worked on a farm. Shoveled poop out of a barn. Caught some geese. Built a fence and did some stuff, the Sisters helped out too. We went to the adult session of Stake Conference. Very missionary themed. Got back WAY late.... Stake Conference yesterday and it was at a college auditorium! Crazy. It was cool. Thats my week. Love ya hit me up. 


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