Monday, January 13, 2014

Love Burnsville and working hard. 11/18/13

       I am going to be so tired! We spent a lot of the first day planning out exchanges and events  like District meetings and stuff going on on a big map calendar. We also do a lot of calls our phone gets wrecked in a day the battery at least. We also do a lot of paperwork and goalsetting and working with Missionaries. Last night was number night we did training evaluations for all the trainers in the Zone and reported the numbers of key indicators and Baptism date sets. We were up til like exactly 10:30 then went to bed got up, didn't exercise, did more stuff, faxed all the paper work in. We didn't get to plan Sunday night either. Elder Alpert says we never do cause of all the stuff Sunday night. We did make a Zone goal to have 7 date sets going into December. That is pretty decent,  we have 9 right now and 4 get baptized in November.  Yep here in Burnseville. Headed down last Wednesday and even forgot 1 suit and stuff which Bro. Malinka non-member drove to the Mission home. President texted us and said 1/2 of Elder Hall's wardrobe is at the Mission office come and get it! We are right next to Bloomington which is nice. It has been a crazy week. A lot of Zone leader stuff. We have 12 zones in the mission. Ours is the 3rd biggest. So it is a lot of work. We have calls all the time and do a lot of Zl stuff. So when we go out we have to make it count. It is good though because my companion is good. Elder Alpert. From Moorpark California. He was excited when he heard that my Dad served there. I also told him about kraproom (Moorpark spelled backwards) but he already knew that. He is a good Missionary he is 1 transfer (6 weeks ahead of me) he was Elder Cluff's first trainer and also Companions with Elder Pinsent from Canada as well. My MTC companion. Last night and this morning he was cracking down on these people who wanted to go outta their area for lunch, so he was smacking it down. I think we will compliment each other good. I am not very good at that stuff. I have met everyone in the Zone, a bunch from Cali, two Elders from Kaysville. Talked about Cherry Hills, it was good. 
Burnseville. There is some good work going on here, we should have a Baptism or 2 in December. A partmember 11 year old girl. And maybe an ex muslim guy. So it is looking good. I am glad to be back in the city. Haven't learned the area too well yet cause of the Zl stuff, but it looks good. It is really nice! The nicest part of Minnesota I have seen. Oh a  guy in our ward Dave Dickson, he played for the Vikings for 12 years. He was on the O-line. He is huge. That was cool. Also this member almost rage quit the church he didn't get picked up to go to the Temple. Bro M he is like 69 and Melody his wife is a  investigator. But he was waiting for 3 hours in his Church clothes to get picked up to take his names to the Temple and didn't get a ride. He was understandably upset. But we had a lesson he was still mad but it was good for him. He ended up going to Stake Conference and receiving the Melchezidek Priesthood. Whoo. 

I went to the Lakeville Stake Conference as well, so I got two. We got to hit up the Adult session as well cause it was Missionary oriented. Just like St. Cloud. I went on an exchange Saturday in Farmington with a young Missionary. He was pretty intraverted. I think Missions are good for young kids like 18, but they come out pretty intraverted, or just not used to real life. That is the biggest difference I have noticed. They don't know what is coming as much as maybe they could. Burnseville Ward is awesome.  There is actually an ex missionary of the MMM Koti Palinetai who served in Princeton and Burnseville that lives in the Ward now. So we talk about Princeton. 

  I am doing well. I have a good companion. He is part Jewish/ Mexican. He is pretty funny!  He is good at the guitar  and kinda skinny. His dad is Jewish, He is workin hard. We are gonna work hard and do awesome things. We have a gym at our apartments. I am gonna get ripped. Just watch. I am loving it here. Hope it doesn't go by too fast. It is a 5 week transfer. I think me and Elder Alpert will be together for 2 transfers but idk. I am kinda overwhelmed with all the stuff we do I wouldn't be able to take over esp after 5 weeks. But pray for me i am trying really hard. Love ya!!

-Elder hall

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