Monday, January 13, 2014

Give em Heaven in Princeton. 9/30/13

    Princeton 6 more weeks. 4 1/2 in princeton son!  It will be good we coould get Debi Baptized and maybe some other people. No transfer for me. Some people in our District got transfered but it will be good. So that is that. It is the last week of the month. It was the first week in a while that we were in our area the whole week. But we had no miles. We probably biked like 60 miles this week. One day Elder Tubbs got 3 flats. Idk why I changed em all out except the last one, I gave up on that one. Idk if it is from the tire or what. His tire is really loose it almost slides on the wheel, idk if that does anything. But biked like a banshee- it was pretty sweet. Um, no one came to church. It was kind of a downer week. Although as our joint teacher fell through last night and we didn't know what to do, we ended up tracting the rest of the night. We found this really cool chill girl named Alisha who we taught the restoration and she said yes to be baptized if she found out it was true. We are going back over on Wednesday. She said she would read the Book of Mormon and also go to Conference. We played some football with these one dudes during our dinner Saturday. Some pick up football that was fun. Got my clothes a little dirty. But baylife. We also talked to some ex drug dealers. One is a member but I think he was still drug dealing when he got baptized. Tom, 25 year old. Met up with him and talked for a while. Then a lady we met before named Sandra was at the library. She is in Minnesota on parole and getting her life back together. She has custody of her daughter. She got caught with possesion of marijuana, for like 2 ounces when she had 12 pounds she was with a youngster in shotgun (not sure what the purpose of a youngster is), the big timer was in the back, and they were dealing to the youngster's grandma. Pretty cool lingo. She took the blame for it all, anyways she is trying to change her life, we are gonna bring her some stuff for her apt. So it has been one of those weeks. But we had that last hour miracle so that was cool. We will go at em this week. We will give em Heaven. Ya Rourke goes home in a week then I am done for. Not too much with me. Still DL still training, still in Princeton. It is fun..... Um these people named the Curtis's in the Ward are going to Utah. I have aquired a lot of stuff. I am gonna send it with them to give them to you guys at Thanksgiving Point. They are staying in Saratoga Springs. That will be really helpful. Looking forward to Conference. Have fun eating pancakes. Sharwan you better watch it.  Love yaaaa, write me. Mom and Dad letters inc. back to this style of email. Saves like 10 minutes. Nuff saidddd love you all. 

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