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Halloween and Never Judge10/28/13

       Hello everyone. It has been a little of a chilly week, my Comp still has no coat but he will live.  Part of that agency. Just kidding we will get him one this week. So had the last District meeting of the transfer on Tuesday. That went well. Getting ready to pack up and go in about 2 weeks so get ready for that!!!! Don't go anywhere, stay tuned. I say Minneapolis but idk. I like it though, I know a lot of the people in the Ward. Oh this week we did 15 hours of service. Blitzed with the Sisters and Elk Rivers areas as well. It was pretty nuts. Our area got shafted but ya gotta do what ya gotta do ya know? I interviewed Elk Rivers investigator for Baptism. She was way cool, a 39 year old lady who looked like 20. She said she had a 16 year old child, I was like whoah. Her name is sister iiashfhasjkfhasjkfhkjsd  so wanna know something funny?

                                     Well I will tell ya we actually we aren't supposed to tell you the names of the people we are working with:)   I figured out President told us to say like for Sister Pinckey please tell our family Sister P. But, I have never done that why start now.

                                       Sister Tessa H. . . (763)489-1439 jk that number is fake. But that is her name. She wants to get baptized on the 2nd. This week it will be cool. 
                                        The Sisters in our ward have a guy named Charlie. . . who wants to get baptized. He is awesome he looks like Santa. He is set for the 9th!  I interview him this week. We went to the Elders Quorum activty with him. He was hucking full court bball shots and played this bean bag game and having a blast. Hook, line, and sinker. 
                                         We are working with Rienhart . . .who said the 16th of November works for him. He is married to a member. We will see. 
                                           Joe . . . is in the hospital, COPD. I don't know what that is but he can't breathe good. Debi played piano at church, she made some mistakes and she is super hard on herself. Her calling is stressing her out more than she feels like she is serving others. Other people to talk about to be continued when they come to church or something. Our mission had an all time high of 252 to church. That is pretty cool. Halloween this week. What is everyone's costumes?? There is a trunk-or-treat activity at the Church on Wednesday that will be fun. We will proselyte on Halloween. We have members coming out with us! 65 ish though. Plus if you live in the country no one trick or treats out there.  We have a Zone Training and interviews on Wednesday in St. Cloud. Stake Conference this weekend. We are going to all sessions. Should be good. Hopefully really Missionary oriented.
                        We went to the Sisters area to work on Thursday. Sister Hatch had the flu all week. We also went to Elk River Friday-Saturday. Me and Elder Sieler ended up stopping by a potential of prior missionaries and talked to a guy named Rob. He was skinny shirtless and had tons of tattoos. He said he had about 30 Bibles. I think he was 30. His dad died a month ago and it has been rough. Today he is off of parole/probation/everything. He has been in and out of jail for 10 months. He was really open, genuine and appreciative. It was cool to be there and taught me to never judge anyone. Sister J. . . was telling us about her son who is in our Bishopric now. He is around 35 I think. We were talking about him. I guess i went to ricks college went off the deep end out there. Got into drugs and they didn't see him for about 2 1/2 years. Then his friends mom called them and said if you ever wanna see your son come and get him now. So Brother J . . . flew down. Picked him up he was high didn't know what was going on and took him to Minnesota. Brought him back when he sobered up he was mad. He stayed there for a while and went to school. Then he was gone 1 day for another 4 months. He would show up randomly.  There car got a busted tire so they took one of a car on the street and got caught. They went to jail, and the parents sent them fair to come home and stuff on a bus. SO they did. So lots of stuff happened. He met his now wife. She straightened him out. She converted. He has a succesful siding company and is in our Bishopric. He is awesome. Playing him in horse sometime. But she said that during that time her home teacher said that all that wouldnt have happened if they did their family scripture study and prayer. They have been on a senior Mission. She was a Seminary teacher. They are driving 120 miles to Church every Sunday on assignment from the Stake to a Branch. They are obviously active. So you should never judge, people will change! The bishopric guy is their only active child out of 3. so you never know. 
                    Anyways, Isn't Season going to have a child soon. In like a week right. Well let me know if that story developes. I am excited to have 2 nephews. I will be the first to know I bet! cause everyone always tells me secrets now that I am on a mission. 
                Well tell me about all of your Halloween holiday and how it goes and what you are up to!  Love ya HALLEROONSKIS! 
 -Elder hall

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