Monday, January 13, 2014

Shakes:) New Carpet:) 9/16/13

           So this week went ok. I am starting to try to lose weight.  I have been replacing meals with Dads shake and drinking tons of water. I made a shake today with a banana and the powder but it had spinach in it. It wasn't as good as the normal banana one but probably healthier. I was in Elk River earlier in the week. Went on an exchange with Elder Sieler and picked up a Montana accent! He has a pretty good one it is funny. He was actually Elder Weatherfords mtc companion so we talked about that a little bit. It was good. There area is hard, I was being really bold with people on the exchange and nothing came out of it. They don't teach much in Elk River and that has gotta change. I don't know what the key is there. We also had New missionary training Wednesday where we had the fun opportunity to wake up early and drive down to Bloomington and do that. It was good all the trainers and their companions were there. I got to see some people I knew. Elder Crandall is a pretty legit hmong missionary. He is going home that is the last time I see him! It was good. We were there for forever though. I love missionary work so much, I don't think I like missionaries that much. There are some funny one's. It is just interesting. Some very sheltered new Missionaries.
          Ohhh funny story. We were at this park last night and we talked to these guys who were my age they actually reminded me of my friends. They were pretty funny. We were just talking to them about stuff. Found out they drank every weekend. A few of em had kids. One of em was going to Jail for a year in October for stealing 5g worth of stuff. Then they said, man sorry we are probably tainting you guys or something. Elder Tubbs was like, well actually I used to be pretty wild and rebellious, and he was dead serious, and the guy who was going to prison was like oh I am sure!  We all started laughing. I was laughing pretty because He thought he did some crazy stuff. He told em how he threw this little TV off of a bridge in the middle of nowhere and then they threw rocks at it when it was on the ground. The guy who was going to prison was like... pretty crazy. It was super funny. Elder Tubbs is the guy who you could tell he is mormon if he was in normal clothes. His favorite word is goodness. So that was really funny. So we are going around a ton cause this week we have exchanges with the Assistants in Bloomington. The next day we go to a training up in St. Cloud. Which is lame. Bloomington is like twice as far from St. Cloud as Princeton. ... Ap's... Hopefully it will be good. We are wrecked for on miles. Hey how the heck do you get a tubeless stem out of my wheel. My tire went flat so I went to put a tube in and I don't know how to get the old stem out. The Sisters in the District set a date with a 12 year old last night. I got Debi an Ecig laniard so she will always have it with her. 
          Oh man Wednesday we got a call from the landlord she said new carpets were coming monday and that everything had to be out. We have so much crap in our apartment. So we did that Saturday morning with 2 guys from the Ward. We had to literally get everything of the carpet so our closet shelfs are filled and our kitchen has tons of stuff in it. We get to move everything back in tonight. But our carpet is nasty, it is as old as the apartment so the new carpet will be worth it hopefully. So that is pretty fun. We have taught some new people and had some cool experiences happen. Taught an older lady the Restoration while helping her do a puzzle. She was really Catholic. We also taught a Restoration to a really sincere lady who has had 9 back surgeries because she had domestic abuse after the first one. We see her tomorow. She was cool. I am not sure what to do, hey transfers are in 2 weeks! Wish me luck. I'm training but ya never know! Well that is it with me. Wbu? guys?

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