Monday, June 23, 2014

Testimony, Thanksgiving and I choked on water 12/2/13

 Hey How is it going! Hey just real quick 2 things. If I could get that Nepali memory card that would be cool! Also I don't really want much I am content with everything  I have. If there is anything I could get I would maybe say  pictures from before the Mission maybe printed out or something. Cause I go on a lot of exchanges, and that would be cool to show other Missionaries so that we could get to know each other and maybe also they could see the change in me. Maybe you could get them from facebook! If they are not too crazy! This should be a good week. I just wrapped a members Christmas presents for her kids! Crazy. We do our laundry at their house and she was like here do this it is p-day. We are nice so we did it. Exchange for laundry I guess. Man sometimes people in Minnesota have super not clean houses. I was telling Elder Alpert if I had made a mess like that I would literally go to a boys camp or something. Speaking of which. Recent convert Angelo got sent to an impatient facility for 45 days it was sad. 
        Lets see Monday wasn't technically p-day. We went to Northfield and helped some sisters talk to people on campus and see how they worked there. But the people they do teach don't really progress so kind of a waste of time. But we had a good time. I hadn't been on a college campus in a while. The student body was like 3000 so it was tiny. Like my high school. That night we taught Jafari, Iranian guy who always asks anti questions in gospel principles and throws class off. Which we taught the last 2 weeks. We taught about signs of the second coming yesterday and it went decent. For a signs of the second coming lesson at least. We just were like, Darkness turmoil check, Restoration check, BOM check, Gospel sent to all ends of the earth check, Elijah return check, Lamanites become a good people well kinda weird but kind of check?  Then we were like ya that was a bunch of random signs but why does that matter, just as we can't control the weather we can't control the second coming, but we can see these signs and be prepared. Then we read Matt 25, the parable of the 10 virgins and told everyone to prepare themselves. 
         Tuesday- weee... um oh had District Meeting. Then our assistant exchange. Elder Burt and I stayed in Burnsville and Elder Alpert went to Bloomington with Elder Matteson my last ZL who is now an AP. It was good, Elder Burt and I taught a restoration while husband of dinner was driving home. And also taught a part member couple Wes and Josie who I met in Mankato 1 year ago so that was cool. Then He did a little bit of introducing the ZL packet to me. Nothing inspiration but he just had to. Elder Burt came out with me and he is the assistant, on our exchange he left his suitcase it was so funny. Total greeny mistake. 
          Wednesday, I can't remember, Re-exchanged and went to another district meeting did accountability calls and stuff. Prob did something at night. 
          Thursday was Thanksgiving. We went in the morning and played turkeybowl. Not a lot of people were there just some youth and stuff, buttt it was still fun. It got me kind of sore. I am so much slower then i used to be. But if it was tackle football I would wreck cause iI am +40 pounds from high school. Then we played some bball with the sisters in the ward and the priests too. Because we can't be alone. We checked email and did stuff. Then went to Thanksgiving at partmember the Mattsons. It was funny we had lunch there at 1 with turkey and ham and dressing(stuffing) and potatoes and stuff. She gave us (melody) a whole pumpkin pie.Then we played yatzee. Then at 6 we went to dinner again at the Sheffields 2nd counselor Bishopric. They had tons of food. It was good. I didn't eat much too. I lost weight this week. 188! check that out. gg. Friday ummm, Accounted with Elder Burt the ap. Saw dave dixon who is huge football player in our ward. Returning less active. Played football 14 years in nfl. He is funny.  Like 6"5. Then we took some teams a package. Friday night we taught the Mattsons.  Saturday just a bunch of stuff. Saw Sizumu lowary partmember family islanders. Was getting mad our appointments fell through all Saturday but at the end of the night had a cool miracle taught a new Spanish family and handed them off to the Spanish sisters in the ward. They were a fam of 4 that was cool. Yesterday was Sunday. Only 2 investigators came to church not good. Taught the class.  Fast Sunday. Oh at dinner we had an asian family, Elder alpert and I get along almost too well. He started saying way funny stuff while I was drinking. I spat the water out all on the floor and started coughing like crazy, idk if anyone remembers but I choke on water all the time. I did it super bad and it hurt way bad and  I started watering from the eyes. It was pretty bad. Then I just kept laughing cause Elder Alpert was making terrible puns. Then our Joint teacher bailed and our zone didn't do good this week. But they did decent. Tommorow is leadership Elder Alpert is doing a training, and Thursday is our Christmas training. It should be a good week. I am doing well. We need to baptize in our area. Our zone is gonna baptize a ton this month. We already have 4. We have a goal for 12 total baptisms. Hope we hit it. I am trying to improve on being a better leader. 

           I am so thankful this holiday season. Hey ps family i am going to ask president clements for an extension. So too bad. Just kidding I heard a missionary was on extension.  I love my mission. I am scared of home So in the upcoming months don't talk to me about it! It sounds terrible. I didn't do anything really back home. I think that is why I love my mission. So I don't have like a crazy superb testimony, but I love all of you guys a lot. I know Living a christlike life affects your life more than you can afford to miss out. I know that The scriptures are sweet. Like I have never really read anything before my mission, but I get rejuvinated every time I read. I know that God is real I have for sure used the holy ghosts promptings in my life. Just love others, strive to improve your self and you will be happy. Happy holidays everyone!!!!!

-Elder Hall

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