Monday, June 23, 2014

Cold 3 to -20 degrees. 12/9/13

        Yes it has been super cold this week. 3 degrees to about -20 it is crazy last year it wasn't this cold in December. It has snowed a lot and our cars have been grounded sometimes. So me and Elder Alpert, we set a date with a Micronesian family. Sizumu returning less active father who loves us. He jokes with us all the time. Me and Elder Alpert have really clicked with them. His son Francen and his gf, whose name is marida have accepted a baptism date of January 25th! 
         Um We had leadership. We focused on getting people to be date sets. Our zone has a lot of those. But are dropping all of the other key indicators. We will have lots of baptisms in December but if we don't do something January is gonna stink. It was good, saw a lot of old companions and missionaries I have served around at leadership. Thursday was the Christmas Conference. We watched Miracle it was really good. Man next Monday is the transfer Monday since it has been a short transfer I hate it! Things are going awesome. I don't have much time this week. OH ya we ate lunch with Dave Dixsonon he made us tons of food. HE is awesome. Google him. I am doing well. Thanks for all the stuff you are sending me. This will be a quickie. We are teaching someone at 4 and having District pday right now. Welcome to my life so much stuff. I love you all!!!!

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