Monday, June 17, 2013

Still living in the ghetto. Still loving it! 6/17/2013

This week has gone well. Nicole a person who wants to get baptized on the 6th of July finally came to church. The Slaughter daughters didn't come to church as of now they do not have a date set. I think things will work out, we are seeing them tonight so we will throw down on them. I had an exchange with Elder Abbot. Hung out with Nepali people. Only 2 came to church this week it was lame. Yes we did have Elder Holland and the boys come. It was pretty good we got to take a picture with the General Authorities (Bishop Stevenson, Elder Doobaye, Elder Callister of the Seventy Presidency) they were cool. It was a good conference. Elder Holland gave the "Don't go home or don't go home and be less active" talk that he always does. It was good. Elder Reynders heard him do the talk twice before. It was still really cool to have him and I know all the Missionaries are super motivated by it. Man Missionaries are so goofy. I love missionary work but all the Missionaries are too goofy. A little too much for me. People get pretty weird out here. I will send the picture! Bishop Stevenson talked at our Stake Conference I actually really liked him. Elder Doobaye is from Africa. Elder Callister was really good as well. Fathers Day! Happy fathers day! Sorry I have never taken Fathers Day too serious but I really do love you Dad! Thanks for all you do. You are the only Dad I get!:) Man Season is getting a boy! Is his name gonna be Donald is that already decided? Just like his grandpa? Grandpas name is Donald right? That is exciting! He has big shoes to fill. (Referring to Myles of course!) I love Myles a lot. Now it is going to be double trouble. Things are going well. Satan works hard when people want to get baptized. Every single time, but God works things out. I have seen it. How imperfectly I orchestrate things and God always fixes them! Thanks for the stuff. Man I am 21 next week. Don't go crazy! save it til I am a normal person! I am super old! Can't believe it. It is weird when you feel like you are 17. But I won't worry about it. I have another p-day before my Birthday. I am totally going to go play soccer with all the Nepali people, they play soccer every night. I saw Tanner at the conferences and stuff. Our whole mission was there! Except 6 Missionaries serving in Canada. Tanner goes home in 3 weeks. Home sounds so weird. It is gonna be totally different I would probably hate it. I think I want to extend. President Clements isn't doing extensions any more, but I end on a different Mission President. I will ask him for one:) We went to the Mission Presidents fireside with a Nepali family last night. I love the Nepali people but they need to act in faith. Its hard! Ha my language has stunk since I have been a district leader. I don't think I like it too much. Exchanges are kind of a perk. But numbers and district meetings and stuff aren't that cool. Although we did role plays(acting) in district meeting this week and I brought props it was pretty funny. I am doing well. Still living in the ghetto. Still loving it! Til next week. Fayree Vaytoula!

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