Monday, June 3, 2013

Mothers Day Skype:) 5/13/2013

It was good to see a lot of you yesterday! Especially Myles and Sky and Tay. I love them and I really miss them. Myles looks the same so he is not growing up too much. Also man Olive loves me. That is always sweet! I love and miss Olive, Eleanor, Lucy, and Donald. Things are going good. I have improved a lot on my mission but you would be surprised how much I feel like I am just flying by my seat and holding on. The cool thing I know is it is just going to get harder the rest of my mission. Ya will you send the Nepali bible and the "Lonely Planet" Nepali phrasebook and dictionary. Blue and grey. Will you do that today?? I have 2 weeks to learn the language before we are on our own. So that would help a lot. It is pretty urgent so do it today:) Thank you so much. Remember to do it today. I hope you all had a good mothers day. After I got off Skype we went to a Nepali families and had Chaparti some crazy Nepali food. I don't like the food too much except Curry and Roti(sweet bread) but I guess I will get used to it. The Nepali curry is totally different from the curry rice and stuff that you think of, it is way good. Speaking of curry Stephan Curry is lighting it up. I hear he just drains em. Doesn't even touch the rim. He signed my shoes. Colby don't wear those. PS will you send that stuff today that would be sweet. We have a busy week this week as well. We kind of planned for it. I just hope I can learn a lot of the language in 2 weeks. Blah its lame but I have already learned to read and write in a few days so I know the lord will help me out more. The call went super fast. I feel like they are gonna get faster. I am perfectly content being a missionary. Honestly, those calls I feel like are for you guys way more than me. Obviously it is awesome for me. But I am so busy I have to work as hard as I can for 2 years cause it's not that much time. You guys will always be around. I won't be a missionary again. I really do love my mission a lot. It has been really random but I have worked hard and have seen success. Not all the time. There have been a lot of challenges. Especially with missionaries that are struggling cause I don't know how to help them other than get over it, the mission is just going to get harder. I am not a very good counselor for missionaries. This ward is sweet, I will be here for at least 9 months, hopefully more. Usually at least with English work you are somewhere for maybe 2 or 3 transfers. It is not unusual for a missionary to have 10 areas or so. I have only had 2 so far. North St. Paul keeps missionaries a long time. Unless they are my companions:) Next transfer I want to push for a Nepali baptism. Cause there has not been one since Elder Shreestha got here. That would be a huge miracle. Pray for it. There is a lot of church opposition among the Nepali community and a lot of anti. So it is probably important that I have a Nepali bible and phrasebook. They are the nicest people. We just walk into their homes, it is the best. There will be a cool zone conference tomorrow that is really cool. I will see Tanner. He goes home in 2 months. Elder Mumford is super ready for home. He loves his mission but he is just funny. I wonder how I will be in 15 months. I hope dad gets feeling better and that you all do something fun this week! Send me a letter if you want. Colby is almost 25 this month. Man that is old. Not like way old. But a considerable amount. I am 21 in a month. It is so weird. Mission birthdays stink but Hopefully I will be spending it with some cool Nepali people. The 26th is Avayah Slaughters birthday. Then after that on the 29th Avayah 10 and Astasia 13 the girls we played badminton with are getting baptized. They are a family that I have worked a lot with. I am glad that I am going to be here for that. I won't be teaching them after this transfer I bet. But.. I know that I will be in the ward. So I can be at their baptism. I love them a lot. I think North St. Paul will be one of my favorite areas for sure. We might come here sometime and you will meet a lot of cool people. Elder Mumford wants to have a North St. Paul farewell and give a talk and have food at a members house and stuff ha he is so goofy. He is writing is goodbye or his what I learned letter to President. It is called Elder Mumford's greatest adventure. I have grown a lot. I am really grateful for this opportunity. I definitely was supposed to be here! I know and the lord knows each and everyone of us. I know I am not the most spiritual in my letters, and probably a lot different than the average missionary letters. But I don't believe I should be anyone other than myself. Be yourself, everyone else is taken. Right Dad? Man I love you all. I don't know what I am sure of, but I am working hard and trying to live the gospel I preach. Don't ever stop being like Christ! He is such a good example. I am starting up "Jesus the Christ" again. I only got 100 pages into it when I first started reading. It helps with context of Christ's life, a lot. Namaste! Funny thing is Namaste us pronounced Nuh-muh-stay . You also want to smile like crazy when you say it! If you do that people will love you! Til next week! Elder Hall

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