Monday, June 3, 2013

Elder Holland is coming- 6/3/2013

This has been an alright week. Not the best but not the worst. Our English work is going alright and the Nepali work is hard. We had one investigator to church, we had the sisters whitewash English work this week. They are both new to the area Sister Riley and Jensen. They will do good though. We are getting to know the Nepali people. We even taught some of a new family that just got here last week. This 16 year old girl and the wife of the new family want to come to church so hopefully they do. We need to start getting them all back to church! We are working with the Slaughters and a 28 year old lady named Nicole. That is how our English work is going. Nicole wants to get baptized the beginning of June and the Slaughters should get baptized the end of this month. They didn't come to church today not sure why but we see them tonight. We taught Melissa slaughters sister this week too. That was a cool lesson. Karen work in our ward is going well. They combined and are in a trio and are doing a bunch of work. The sisters even got some people to church! The cool thing is we are all in the same ward and we are almost like 1 big companionship! I got a haircut earlier today. We went to transfers this week just to pick up a car. I saw elder Shreestha, I love him! And I have a leadership conference tomorrow not sure what that entails but I guess I will see. I haven't received the package so maybe I gave you the wrong address for the Mission home if it comes back my address is 1345 Western Avenue Apartment 36 St Paul. Sorry I can't remember the Mission home address. We are meeting a few Nepali people and trying to help them write Nepali some of the less active boys and the mom of one of the less active members, we will help her with English! Things are going well! Oh also on June 15th we are having a special Missionary meeting and Stake Conference the 16th. Elder Holland, Elder Callister and some other random dudes are coming. That is pretty cool. Hopefully we get to hear the feed my sheep talk again! No Elder Holland is super hoss! I love him. It will be a good month. The summer is definitely better than the winter! Love you all have a good week. You know where I am!

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