Monday, June 3, 2013

Namaste 5/6/2013

So check it out. I am going to be doing Nepali work for at least 9 weeks. Elder Cluff had a really hard week. We had interviews with President and 2 exchanges where he did not do very well. He is pretty sad. While on exchanges Saturday during companion study Elder Smith got a call from President Clements then he handed the phone to me. Because so many new missionaries are coming out a lot are going home because of health reasons, being too fat or mental health reasons. So I guess a few are going home. Elder Cluff is going to Plymouth a suburb of Minneapolis and he is serving with Elder Checkett's who goes home in 6 weeks. His uncle owned RSL, but recently sold it. He was my zone leader for a while. And I am going to North St. Paul Nepali. They teach English and we will still teach all the English people that we have been teaching for 3 weeks until the new English team comes in I presume. Then after that President told me I would be with Samir(Elder Reynders the new Nepali Elder who has been in 3 weeks) the next 6 weeks and be in a trio with Elder Mumford and he then replace Elder Mumford when he goes home. So Me and Elder Reynders have to figure out Nepali work by the end of the transfer. So I am with Elder Mumford and I am killing him. He goes home in 3 weeks. I will be learning Nepali. I just bought a bunch of flash cards and a notebook to write words in. If you could send me a Nepali Bible and a Nepali learning book "Lonely Planet Nepali, with phrase and dictionary" that is what it is called. If you could find that online and a bible that would be sweet. If Colby could do that today that would help a lot. Try to send it today if you can. Send it to the mission home. 5931 96th st W Bloomington, Mn you should have the address. I moved apartments this morning. So that is what is happening in my life. That would help a lot if you could do that quick! like today. Will you do that? For mothers day we are going to try to do it around 6pm here Skyping or whatever. So what is that 7 o clock there. I would hold 7 clock to 8:30pm to be safe. I hope to talk to all of you. It is going to be crazy I am going to try to learn the language a lot. I have to learn how to write it then that will help with the consonants and the vowel sounds. It is written in Sand-script. so pray for me as well. It is a tall order, but I have been learning to be very dependent on the lord lately and giving up my will. So hopefully this will be an addition to that. It is going to be hard. I am going to love it, I think. Man dad maybe we can go to Nepal after my mission!:) It has kind of reverted back to winter lately snowing a little bit. It is about 50 degrees today and kind of feels like spring. Things are going well. I am gonna have a crazy/fun 3 weeks before Elder Mumford goes home. He is so weird you guys don't even know but we get along pretty well. Mero Nom Zwala ho. My name is Zwala. Ya I don't know too much maybe like 12 Nepali words. That's better than zero I guess. I am excited to talk to all you guys soon. Remember if you write me send it to the mission home... and send me that stuff please. Go eat some Curry! Danubat!

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