Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Birthday- Facebook for Missionaries- Menuka my Nepali Mom is visiting Utah 6/24/2013

June 24, 2013

Hi Family,

Part One:  
21 years old. It feels weird when you are in the body of a chubby teenager! I can't believe it has come. 1 year ago I got my mission call. I was just like whatever, I might as well go on a mission. I didn't have too much purpose in my life. Don't worry I still haven't felt to much personal purpose, but that is OK I know what the purpose of the Lord is. I love meeting people even if they talk forever about anointing oil at the age of 13 and laying on hands and healing the sick. Having visions of Jesus Christ. I have met so many people that say stuff like that and we taught a woman this week who wants to be a minister that said all that stuff. Me and Samir had an hour and a half restoration lesson with her, it was terrible. I even loved meeting her and trying to share the gospel with her.
I don't have plans tomorrow as I am still a missionary, but I am going to be playing soccer with all of the Nepali guys that play soccer. That is something I have wanted to do so I will wear normal clothes and play soccer there! Maybe dinner somewhere else that I requested. I know some people well enough to request dinner and funny thing is they are not the members and Nepali family would love to feed us but hopefully we will have dinner at Jane Walton's. Chrissy's mom! Chrissy is doing OK I don't see her as much as I want, she works a lot and always is tired! Also she is dating  someone, but I have faith she will figure life out eventually! This week was good we had a lot of meetings. No District meetings I don't like giving them. This week we have a District Meeting. But we did have a 3 zone training with our Mission President. We also had the opportunity to attend the Temple again, and then we attended a Leadership/Missionary Worldwide Broadcast from the Marriott Center with Apostles and our Prophet President Thomas Monson. We will soon use the internet in proselyting and they wanted us to work with Ward Counsels and Ward Members a lot better.
Part Two:  
Freak- I just wrote 3 paragraphs and deleted them. It was actually a good email better than most I have written lately, but now you all get a crappy email. Just kidding, kind of. Man, I turn 21 tomorrow  Weird feeling especially when you feel like a 17 year old in a 21 year old chubby body! Man being a buck 80 is sweet! Ha ha, I get to play soccer tomorrow and we are playing sports today.  So I will get some workouts in. I don't workout hard in the morning ever. I do crunches like crazy actually but it's the food I eat, that people feed me. This Nepali family fed me 3 servings of food this week in one sitting and it was past 9pm!   Haha Samir had super spicy stuff added to his food. Goat curry. Nothing like it! I am gonna be a curry master when I get home.

Tomorrow I am gonna dress up and play soccer, I just realized I sent that last email so that is slightly re-living my week now, so this is part two. A girl we taught and handed off to other missionaries is getting baptized. Emily Hang- she is friends with a member in our ward and her parents are Shaman spiritual ancestor stuff and they are opposed to her baptism. We had a lesson with her because we heard she was getting baptized and just encouraged her to go through with it on that date. So she is. That is exciting we are actually playing some sports with her at the church today with some member friends.
I should probably mention the weather was terrible this week. Like super flash rain and constant thunder! Trees fell over everywhere.  We were at someones house and ran to the car on the street. We were literally soaked as if we had jumped in a pool. I have never seen it rain so hard. Peoples power went out, I realized I left a window open, and driving through rivers was fun! We put on our rain coats and used the light on my bike which Dad sent.  Elder Mumfords old boots helped as we went around the lightless Nepali people's apartments. 

PS a woman named Menuka is coming to Utah this week. I hope you have the chance to meet with her. Her son Paywon speaks English. She is staying in Salt Lake. She is my Nepali mother although she won't admit it. She makes me food. Sews my pants and talks to me in Nepali. She knows no English. You should totally visit her and bring her a Utah shirt or something! Ha, I love her. She said she is really busy while she is visiting in Utah, but would love to meet you guys. I am having a blast guys. I hope you don't worry about me anymore! I am loving my mission. I know all of you played a huge role. Although my Mission is mostly for me and my personal growth, families are essential.  I could still be with my family forever without going on a mission but probably wouldn't have understood it that well. 

Idk we have some Baptisms in July coming up, will send pictures later!  Ya we had the Leadership Worldwide Conference it was good stuff. President Monson had a sweet old school video that I really enjoyed! Love you all!  I am gonna go. Oh ya it is Elder Wolz last p-day. He has been on his mission 25 months and is a really good example and leader to me. He learned the Karen language fluently and he doesn't even have legs. (Barbara Thibaudeau told us a cute story.  When Elder Wolz was a boy his Primary would sing "I hope they call me on a Mission, when I have grown a foot or two" and because he did not have feet, Elder Wolz believed he could not serve a Mission unless he actually grew a foot or two feet:)  He is a stud. The Karen Language is like Nepali no learning material from the Church, no nothing. Bibles that probably talk about the Trinity. It is the best. Oh we didn't want Nepali people to come without a translator, so we practiced translating into Nepali. That is Samir and I and it was funny. It was good practice. I am doing alright at the language, but as District Leader, I study it only two hours a week. But that is OK it is not my priority. There are 50 verb conjugations. I sometimes understand people, it is sweet. The Lord is real and he is helping in his work at this time, I know that to be true.   I love you all!!!

To Mom,

Thanks Mom,
Yes, I did hear you were at the Broadcast. We will use the internet, probably not for a while.  We are not having a change in our Mission today. Nepali people use the internet, they like it a lot. They type to each other in broken English or English illiterate Nepali. It is super funny. Nepali names are super common, I would hate Nepali Facebook. I'll bet Karen people use Facebook a lot too. Sweet thanks so much!  Looking forward to a quiet birthday. Love ya mom!

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