Monday, June 10, 2013

I have my own Nepali Bible! 6/10/2013

Thanks mom, I ended up getting all the packages. We just never got a slip telling us they had come. But we got them and are enjoying them this week. They help a lot. I like have my own Nepali bible! I wish I could understand what I read but I have been marking it up with cool scriptures in the Bible. We actually had a Nepali class yesterday! We had 6 Nepali come and 4 Nepali investigators. Suraj who is the only active Nepali member, his fake birthday is today and we are going to celebrate we are actually the exact same age and his birthday is June 25th. When he came from Nepal they gave him a new birthday. We made brownie cake and are gonna round up some Nepali people and celebrate today. We had 8 investigators to church. That is the most I have had. A bunch of people bailed out too. So pretty decent turnout. Although Nepali people are cheating a little bit they are usually twice as willing to come to church. Our date sets, Avayah and Astasia didn't come to church we went over right after church and talked to them. I am on exchanges with our zone leader today Elder Abbot. We are going to be super bold. We have been getting to know a lot of Nepali people and have new English investigators so things are going well. Last night a Nepali lady sewed all my pants that are messed up for free. I tried to hide money around their house but they got mad. Nepali people are so funny. I love them. I just wish they had more purpose to their life. I also wish I could understand them! After the classes at church after 2 hours all the Nepali left but one guy because of his ride. So he came to Elders Quorum with us he is an old guy but he is super awesome, he wants to be a citizen. But I managed to paraphrase and translate the elders Quorum lesson. Probably terribly. I asked if he understood me and he said yes. So that was cool. Although what I don't know is so scary, compared to what I know. I am also just winging it as a District Leader. I don't like it much other than I get to go on exchanges with the District but I see them a lot anyways. I am the busiest I have been as a missionary and I think it will be like this until I go home or until I stop working. I hope it is the former. I feel so unorganized and insufficient but I am supposed to do all this- so I try my best. I used to think at some point it would be really calm and I would know what I am doing, but I don't think it will ever be that way I will just keep trying really hard and will feel inferior to what I should be. It is hard though! I am doing good. I love my mission. I have been blessed with amazing areas. When I first got to Mankato City I thought it was the coolest area. College Campus and I would teach way sweet kids my age. I didn't think it would get better. Now I don't know if I would want to go back.... I don't want to go to a stixy area again. I probably might. If I do ever go back to English work I want to go where Al and his wife live. Edin Prairie if I remember. I know we have a lot of mutual friends over there. Oh dad. I have a favor to ask. Can you send me a picture of you when you were young and getting into the church. I am doing a baptismal interview this week and that picture would be really cool for it. I went to leadership conference and went on an exchange so I wasn't around the area most of the week so sorry the update isn't too good. Chrissy is mad I got a haircut without her:) She is doing good she hates primary, she quit it yesterday the kids would make her cry. I love Chrissy. She is one of my best friends out here. I am grateful to have stayed around her. She is far from perfect and I am sure she gets judged a lot by the way she looks. I also went to some graduations this week. Which I was in one of the graduations and I totally remembered that Wany was graduating too. So I kind of got that experience a little bit. We went to Suraj's graduation. Only got there in time for pictures. But while on exchanges we went to a girl named Salina Po, a Karen member in our ward. Salina helps the Karen missionaries out a lot. She is planning on a mission really soon. She was the only one from her class who got all the awards. A scholarship and a bunch of stuff. She will be the first "Karen" missionary. Suraj isn't planning on a mission, but we will see what we can do. Man people are so mean, all our less active boys are getting super antid by Christian boys. I will send graduation pictures next week. So I kind of felt like I was getting the experience of Wany's graduation. Elder Holland comes this Saturday and our whole mission,but 3 teams will have the opportunity to go. It will be exciting. He might slap some missionaries around or something:) I wonder what he will say and I will tell you all next week. I am doing really good. I love you all. Thank you for supporting me even though I am far away I feel your support. Man I am almost 21 soon. I am old. It stinks being a 17 year old in a 21 year old body. Maybe I will mature on my mission! idk but til next week!

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