Monday, June 3, 2013

Elders cook salmon:) ! 5/20/2013

Man one week until Elder Mumford leaves... crazy. We are working hard. We have taught a lot this week. 16 investigator lessons no way I could tell you all of them but it was good. The best part about this week was that Deanna Danielson got baptized! It was so good. She has been searching for this. There were also a lot of trials as she accepted this into her life. As I think there always is. I will send a picture of the baptism after I write my email. Trios are super fun. This morning me and Elder Mumford pretended to be making salmon we literally had nothing, we were just shaking spices and making noises with our mouths then we acted like we over cooked it an hour later cause the fan was still on and opened all the windows and fanned the "smoke out" Elder Reynders was so confused. We mess with him a lot cause we love him. I think we call him Samir 90 percent of the time over Elder Reynders it's so funny. His Nepali name is Samir. We did an exchange and Elder Mumford was gone. We taught 2 Nepali people. It was terrible but one of them a granddaughter translated. I have the writing down and know the vowel/consonants sounds but I need to work on grammar. Then after that I need to get vocab down. I have only had 5 language studies too, which is crazy but that is how a mission is! We are getting sisters in the district next week after transfers and the 2 Karen missionaries are combining. Elder Mumford goes home. so it's possible I might be the district leader which will stink cause I want to learn the language so pray I don't. Deanna's baptism was sweet. Her new best friend is in the ward and she spoke, my companions did the restoration interlude and I baptized her. She was so happy. President even came for a little of it. Luckily not for the ordinance cause he doesn't like when missionaries baptize he wants the members to do it! She will hopefully come teaching with us this week. We taught some new English people we will see where they go. And I think the family (badminton girls) that we work with will get baptized next month. I might not work with them but I will be in the ward. On the 29th! We had a super rainstorm/thunderstorm yesterday. Not too bad but pretty good. It is definitely getting humid! Thanks for all your support. I am loving my mission. Even though it has major ups and downs, it is the best. I hope I am growing and I know I am still the same punk a little bit. But I will try not to be! I love you all!!! Mu maya gurchu mayro pureebar! Ruh mayro sahtis! I love my family and my friends!

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