Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tender Mercy 9/5/2013

My week. Um, it was pretty good!  Today we actually did a ton of service, even though it was p-day the Sister Missionaries in the Ward received a call about people moving, so we moved some people this morning.  I guess they weren't members but knew a lot of people from Iowa who were members or something and were big into genealogy.  So we moved them at 8 am. Then we went to Sister Kenfield's house in Cambridge and she wanted us to help build a flower bed with brick lining around her tree. So we did it. I am tired. DL training is super tiring. I got to bed right at 10:30:30 last night after doing numbers and evaluations and calls!  It's pretty glamorous... not.  We also had a District Meeting in Princeton and I was out of money so we did potluck, that was pretty fun. Elder Lepannon made some Finish Pancakes (crepes) and I made Curry and Rice and everyone just brought random food. We taught Debi and Joe this week once each. Joe is 78 farmer dude and he is awesome.  He is also progressing at his own pace. Debi knows pretty much the Church is TRUE. Just wavering on D&C 89 a little bit.  We taught and talked to a few new people last night; a really friendly lady named Susan, who is a single mom has a 15 year old daughter and loves God but hasn't done too much as far as religion lately. We taught her and her daughter the restoration and it was fun, she talked for forever! They said we could come back. I invited them to Baptism which they said no, but it was still good, I guess. She believes you can have Church anywhere. She said this meeting right now is Church. Me and brother Foede our member explained, you need the Sacrament and a Priesthood member to bless it!  She believed you could do that at a park. Which is true if the Priesthood were following Christ and blessing the Sacrament as he taught in Scripture.  It was funny. We did a decent amount of less active work and taught nine nonmember lessons and five less active lessons. We are to strive to hit lessons all together while training, so we can get used to a lot of teaching. Teaching 14 lessons is decent.  Especially in the country areas. One time in trio companionship in the Nepali we had like 16 member presentations. 16 lessons with a member there, that was really good. do you guys remember when I went out with that missionary on splits from Brazil when I was like 16 and living in Suncrest?  That was one of the weirdest experiences ever. This mom he wanted to teach got evicted we went to Wendy's twice. He didn't know English super well.  Like his lefts and rights were mixed up. We never taught anyone and it was during Transfer day, so his Comp went to Lehi and he stayed in Alpine and his new Comp came from St. George so I had to wait at night with him until he got there. It was way past when we are supposed to be in and he wouldn't let me go in where they stayed, so he just sat there in our car. Weirdest thing ever. That didn't help me understand missionary work at all. Things are going well. We did tons of service this week. Bro miller our ward mission leader had a little party that Joe and Debi went to that we went to. Just some food at his house and stuff. It is cool today like 55 degrees. It was like in the 90's all week and super humid. All we did, was go bike to Debie's paint a bunch of stuff for her. Then after dinner we helped a member that last minute who called us to move them. It was so hot when we were painting.  I was outside and literally nonstop beads of sweat were coming from my face. It was pretty good. I miss the dry heat but the worst of it is over it has been a cool dry summer. Not looking forward to winter!  Things are going well.  We go on a 48 hour exchange with the Zone Leaders this week.  They do 48 hour exchanges instead of day exchanges because of the new Missionaries. It is a lot of time. Two day exchanges. We both go to St. Cloud so we are blitzing the area. I continue to see little miracles all the time. Luckily my arms are pretty tan.  I even have a gnarly ring tan line.  The rest of me is butt white. So I have something to work with going into the cooler seasons!  Hope things are going well with you guys.  Love ya! 

-Elder HALL

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