Monday, September 2, 2013

Repent and see the new Temple film- Training 8/19/2013

           I thought for sure I was out of here!  But turns out I am training in Princeton!  There are 33 missionaries coming to the mission on Wednesday so I guess it makes sense. I am fighting myself on the inside ahhh the stixxxx. Well If I endure it, I will get sent back to the cities. It will be a good transfer I have learned a lot since the first time I trained and hopefully I don't get rid of the first one. Elder Boynton is going to Anoka to open a brand new area with an Elder that is on his very last transfer EB plans on going home the same time as well. I am just glad to get a fresh start with a new companion I have tried so hard to show obedience and missionary work but it just hasn't gone well so I am very grateful for this opportunity. A girl who I knew from home is coming Wednesday as well from the MTC, Sister Kendra Curtis. So I will get to see her at the missionary meeting!  It will be good though our District is pretty fun. I hope my new companion works hard and that we get along.  Man  the Princeton library mascot fox is here, a person dressed up in a big fox outfit. I just pounded it- with it. It was weird man oh man, Princeton. Well look for some success in the next six weeks. Usually trainers are trainers for three months but we will see! I am not a good trainer, but like I said, I have learned a lot since I last did it.
               In fact Elder Cluff the guy whose training I finished is training right now and doing well. He is one of my favorite companions. Elder Shrestha is also going back to the Nepali area and the guy who replaced me is the Zone Leader over there! I am so jealous, I love elder Shrestha!  But I will see him Wednesday and give him a huge hug!  I will send pictures of my new suit!  Well we did a decent amount of finding this transfer, we only really have Three investigators so we do need more progressing investigators. The area is OK the Ward helps out but everything is far apart and we are ahead of ourselves on miles. A guy in our ward is taking us down to transfers and I get my companion later at night.  So I will be hanging out there and he will take us home. Talk about commitment.  His name is Brother Mikkelson.  I love my mission and I have learned a lot this transfer! 1/2 through this whole thing- the Mission- hump day. Hey there is a new Temple video, have you guys seen it?  Repent if not and go see it, I totally wanna see it. I missed it by a week. That is the update with me. I got a rice cooker since I might be here for 3 months and am cleaning things up for Noobie. Love you guys a ton. Best family ever!  Thanks for the letters Taylor, Skyler and Myles.  Mine are coming!  In a few weeks Chris and Josh come home.  You should support them if you can they made a big influence in my life and are great people.
Elder Hall

ps. don't get used to paragraphs and grammar:)    

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