Monday, September 30, 2013

Nepali work was the happiest time of my life 9/9/2013

Sep 9, 2013
All my friends are home. It is kind of surreal. I am doing well. We had district pday. Played some cards bball and went to space aliens A good kinda expensive restaurant alien themed. We even got a pic with the alien! haha. I got a haircut really short. I like it:) We also went to some outlets. I hate going to the nike outlet I love nike stuff! it was fun though. I am going on exchanges to elk river tonight. Debi tried quitting smoking this week but its been hard for her. We made a rap about it that was a knock off of an Eminem song. . We went on a 2 day exchange with the zl in st. Cloud it was a good exchange. Elder tubs comp and Elder saunders Zl got their bikes jacked. We were upset but we went and played bball when we got back e tubs bike was there missing his seat and seat post and light. That was it though. His was brand new so that was good. It was locked to the rack . It worked out ok. Saunders didn't get his but his bike was junk. Man I just got a weird feeling reading my friends emails, they are all home. They sent like their last emails where they are sad. 1 year left. Man them talking about school and stuff I have no idea what I am gonna do. I never wanna go back ha. I hope I can stay out here longer. And go back to nepali work. That was the happiest time of my life I think. I really learned to love people. I will ask for it or something. I don't know what I am gonna do when I get back, I might do slcc or something simple. Work and pay tuition. I think I need to do it. So idk, Dad hook me up with that sports dude. I love sports. Thanks so much I gotta be quick. Emails are always rushed so write me if you have time I will write a handletter back to everyone I get. This week We go to the new missionary training last time I trained I didn't get far enough to that point so this is good I get to go! ha it will be good. Always a revelatory experience. I love you all. Starr got promoted, she is a really good person she deserves it! She is really good with people. Sharwan went to 
college. Colby idk what he does, I don't even know where he lives! Ha. Write me send me updates. The Perry kids wrote me and it was just them! So I know if they can do it, so can you. I love you all.  Sorry this email stinks but deal with it! I love you all.  I am going through the time in my mission that will make a big difference, I have learned a lot in 1 year.  But I have 1 year left and that's a good amount of time.  How I use it will be big.  I am in different positions too so it is interesting.  It just gets harder but it is good for me.  A nap every now and then would be nice.

  Peace bras

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