Monday, September 2, 2013

Indoor Barn 8/12/2013

Dear Family,

I have no time to email because we did activities all day with our District. This guy has an indoor big barn thing with ping pong and American ninja warrior stuff, and pads, and climbing things, and a zip line, and go karts that we didn't use. We had a good day. He had a new Mazda, its like Wany's car but 2013.  He built a racetrack outside and took me and one other Elder on it and was drifting and stuff it was fun!  So it was a good day!  Our week went well helping our main investigator Debi quit smoking!  Five investigators came to Church.  Two girls didn't like young woman's because the were taught about moms and one young woman doesn't want to be a mother, but things turned out OK!   I love you all, write me and you will get a personal update!  I got a sweet suit just barely. Transfer p-day next week!!  Wish me luck. Hall out!

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