Monday, September 30, 2013

Zone Training and Exchanges 9/23/2013

Dear Family and friends... just kidding I don't have friends to send this email to.
          You get a good looking email today. Man you are so lucky. Some families are really lucky to have a spiritual child that probably brings his journal to the library when he emails to share all of the experiences that he had this week. Well I haven't written in my journal since I have been in Princeton so don't expect that! (I am busy is the reason mostly:)  But you guys happen to have the brother/son of Konnor Hall, and this is just how I do things.  I will give you guys an introductory paragraph. I will most likely talk about the places that I have been this week, and who I was with.  One of the paragraphs will probably be random stuff.  This paragraph I would consider the most important of the three. The last paragraph is what is going on in the area with me and my Companion, (this might be equally as important as paragraph number two,  just for this week).
      So this week has been pretty good. Monday of last week was pday and I can't remember what we did. Actually, I played a little bit of basketball during it. Our carpet got replaced. It was freaking grosse. So we had to be gone all day. Move all of our couches, desks, dressers (The Princeton apartment has a lot of crap) out on Saturday night and take it back in Monday night. So we did that all Monday. That was pretty fun. So no proselyting Monday night cause we moved in and organized our furniture. Then Tuesday was... decent we found a cool lady from Mexico whose name is Beanay, the spelling I have absolutely no clue. Pronounced 'BNA'.  Kinda funny. She is a new investigator whom we taught the restoration and invited to be baptized. She is really nice and we are bringing a Spanish Book of Mormon to her tomorow. That is pretty cool she was the last house of the street that we were gonna hit up. One of those stories. So if she gets baptized it will be nuts. I actually don't have many stories like that. I thought every door was gonna be like this, one more knock Elder! Then people would just be getting baptized, left and right. Elder Holland said the biggest problem we should have as missionaries should be getting pneuomonia from the Baptismal font. We should be tapping out after a few hours of a Baptism. We are gonna have to step it up. We have an average of 4 Baptisms per missionary on their mission. President Clements is invoking a lot of change and we have gone from 20-30 Baptisms a month to 53 projected in September. He is a really smart guy. He is a little tired from what I observed on Thursday, as he didn't eat lunch at our training and was .... could just tell he was tired. He is really giving it his all, which is a great example for me. So Wednesday we did studies and did some service for Debi about her house, filled some holes with puddi and stuff.  Then we went to Bloomington with an exchange with the Assistants to the President. Which was very conveniently planned. Ha!  Princeton is 30 miles from St. Cloud and Bloomington is about 100 ish. So with a trip to St. Cloud on the following day (Thursday) they really hooked us up.  Ha!  But it was good. Although me and Elder Mcdonough didn't teach, I think Elder Tubbs and Elder Neely did. It wasn't the best exchange Elder Mcdonough was kinda tired, but it was good. He is a good Elder. We got there at 3:30 and left at 6:30 to go to St. Cloud for our training with our Zone and Pres. Clements. Also Sister Clement's trained.  Zone training isn't a big deal like Zone Conference. Lunch is provided at Zone Conference, Zone Training is just tiny as heck. We had a quick interview then exchanged with the Elders from Buffalo.. I went to Buffalo and Elder Ware, a Buffalo Elder (0bviously..), went to Princeton. They saw a less active and taught Debi. They set a baptism date with her.  She still has to give up smoking but she said yes to October 26th. She played the piano at Church yesterday. It is her calling. A Part member we teach named Rinehart who has come to Sacrament about 20 times got a calling yesterday, Gospel Principles Class President. Actually, Co-Pres. with his wife. Bishop is sly because we wanted him to come to all Church meetings so he did that. They came all 3 hours it was sweet. Things are going well. Out teaching numbers were down but not too bad. We only had 4 days basically in our area. A team in the district didn't do anything. For numbers they got 0's on everything. It was pretty bad.
     Things with me are going good.  I have been trying really hard to eat healthy.  Replaced a good amount of meals with shakes.  Even ran on Saturday morning 2 1/2 miles.  Smoked my Comp who weighs 45 pounds less then me.  So I don't know if that is a good thing or not.  Eating tons of spinach shakes. Healthy ... ish meals and whatever I get fed.  My problem is I can eat so much now. And exercise so little. Hopefully I will play some ball today and burn off some steam.  
      So one week from now you will know if I am staying. It seems like a just a little bit ago I was just like,  Ahh I am staying, dang it. THREE months is a good amount of time in Princeton for me. It is a good starting area I think. Get your sticks area out of the way early! Ha, I bet you guys are thinking Konnor needs to have a better attitude and get over being in the stixx. My attitude is great and I work as hard as I would any other area.  It really is just a lot harder out here and I am still not used to it. Princeton has around 4,500 people compared to 120,000 people in North St Paul, the two areas are totally different. Princeton is one of the smallest places in the mish. Good ward and everything, I would just rather work in a place with a condensed Ward and more people. My friends are all home but Rourke who comes home in October. Chris sent me a picture, maybe I will send it to you guys. Hope things are going well. Not sure what is going on with all of you. Usually only moms update... which is skewed probably towards mom's agenda so send me the real update. Via post with paper, son. I'm all about the paper. Email's I forget about. Happy birthday this month Mom. I know it is September something, I just don't remember when. Ha sorry:) Love ya!  Your a good mom.  Brysons or Ben's is the same month. Happy Birthday to you too. Sorry I don't remember. Oh well. Last week was pretty bad with thinking about music and friends and basketball. I got pretty distracted. It's that being out a year thing. Ha I was eating a banana and spinach at Zone Training and Pres. C was just chilling in the hallway with us.  Everyone was eating healthy  apples and yogurt and stuff.  President C was like man you are the healthiest Zone in the mission what is the deal?  I said, "We are all sick of being fat"! I told them how the AP's weigh you before your exchange because they like the surprise on people's face. They get all mad and say that scare is off.  But I weigh 190!!  It is bad. I need some of the extra weight. I would like to be a strong 175.  I think that would be a good weight for me... but idk. I left at 162. Ya math that one! That is a 56 pound gain if i keep it up the rest of my mission. So that is a fun statistic. So a challenge to everyone but bryson:) If you can beat me running a mile when I get home then I owe you something.

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