Monday, July 29, 2013

The Curry Master 7/15/2013

So I am in Princeton. It is nutssss here. The towns are 18 miles apart.  The ward is really enthusiastic and good. We are back to the land of internigators. It reminds me a lot of Malad, Idaho. Corn fields everywhere. My companion is Elder Boynton. He just got done getting trained in the area. They confirmed 2 recent converts this last Sunday. Shane and Ina. Ina wants to know if we have family from Spain Hall's that were in the Air Force. If so then she knew them. But idk i don't know the Halls that well. It is so different here. 

I think last week was one of the hardest weeks of my life. I love Nepali people and I love that area. I said goodbye and took pictures with literally 200 people. We were running and taking pictures and saying that I leave tomorrow or in 2 days. It was sad. I learned how to love people in that area! I liked it a-lot. I am gonna try to extend and ask President at the end of my mission to go back and work with Elder Shreestha in Nepali work if that is possible. I can't tell you how much I love them.

 Things are good here. We have an investigator named Deb. But her and the Bishop met and decided on a date. But we don't know it. Elder Boynton is cool he is nervous about taking over the area and trying to figure out his purpose as a missionary. I am just trying to be an example. We have already had like 3 restorations with people and set up appointments since I have been here. They do like  finding here. It will be good. I am trying to use this area to lose weight. Oh, I am sick too! A cough and a cold and nasal stuff, it is annoying. I am never gonna be "not work cause I am sick" kid though. We have Sister Missionaries in the Ward just in Cambridge. 18 miles away:) We are handing off a lot of investigators to them and split the area. They are good. Super funny. One has a little personality and the other is brand new and is figuring out how to be a Missionary. It is a small town community but we cover a lot. Up by Milaca and down by Zimmerman.  Probably maybe 20,000 people in our area.  North St. Paul had like 150,000 even though there was like 2k Nepali.

I hope I don't forget the Nepali I learned. The last thing Menukas husband said to me. Jwala, don't forget the Nepali language. I am totally gonna make sure I get fluent at it some day. Menuka gave me a last goodbye dinner. It was super good. Tofu curry I thought it was chicken. She is awesome. I gave her the biggest hug ever. Chrissy the first person I baptized. IRL was there too. They gave Chrissy and her mom Tika's!  I hugged a lot of people, ha ha. Our area feels so much different.  I hope I am here for like 1 or 2 transfers. I have a feeling I will help Elder Boynton out here for 1 transfer and go somewhere else.  It is weird. I love you all so much. The rules are to send mail to the mission home. So just do that. In fact i don't have a library card and can't get one with out mail:) Feel free to write me a lot!  This family in the ward has pet pigs. Saw some lama's and pygmy goats, and people book it on tractors everywhere. It is nuts. I don't think I am cut out for around here. I'll figure it out though. Everyone sounds like they are everywhere. Sounds different than when I was home. I think I am gonna book it and move somewhere when I get home. I like other places. 

Me and the 2 new Sisters bore our testimonies at Church yesterday. I have improved a lot as a person. I have a ton way to go. I love my mission. I am just gonna haul butt this transfer and throw down some tisms. Good to hear from you guys, I am not going anywhere. Oh if you could send me anything. Maybe a short sleeve shirt. same size 15 1/2 or whatever. And 2 pairs of medium mesh garments. And 1 large / medium thermal depending on how fat you think I am. Ha, I learned how to make curry in Nepali work. Since I am missing my last area I bought a bunch of potatoes chicken, garlic, vegetables, turmeric  ginger, cumin, and curry powder. I am gonna be the curry master in the stixx. Love ya all. This is the best. Write me.. maybe!

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