Monday, July 29, 2013

I know God loves us! 7/22/2013

How is it going Family?

This week has been alright. I went on 2 different exchanges. one was with the Zone Leaders they came to our area and blitzed, 2 teams working in our area. That was fun! I went with Elder Saunders. He has been out 3 months longer than me. It was a good exchange we threw down and taught a bunch of people got some new investigators which we need. Debi is 60 and she wants to be baptized. She has a baptismal date in mind, she comes to church. Other than that, we are doing a lot of finding. Blah. That's OK, you gotta do what you gotta do. People are so stuck with the bible around here and not open to modern revelation and a God who cares enough about his children to keep communicating with them.. But I still get em! I am a little too sarcastic though. I think I can humble people though. I like rebuking if I get a good chance! You gotta be super bold when people are closed off. Then I also went to Buffalo Minnesota on exchanges with Elder Milburn who had only been out 5 days! His first exchange. That was fun. He said his Mission was not at all how he expected. And a lot of missionaries feel that way especially the young ones. I thought there would be more leniency just from what I saw missionaries do before! Our Mission is really consecrated. This is the most obedient I have been on my mission. I am trying to be an example for Elder Boynton he has a hardcore girlfriend. We will change that though. I went to buffalo and I thought all the places in our District would be as stixxy as our area. Nope. Buffalo has like 15,000 people that was like a big city to me. I liked it. It is a lot harder to work here. We taught a lot this week and got people to church but there is a next step we need to take. Elder Milburn was my companion for the day, I helped their area out and we found some small miracles, and even new people that we taught. Also we talked to a lot of people. Got some potentials. He asked me how I got used to everything? I just told him not to worry about it and try your best. Bishop comes back in town today. We have interviews with President and a little Zone training in St. Cloud on Wednesday. Our Zone is so spread out.  Some people call going to zones like this, getting banished. I don't think I will be here too long, 1 transfer would be sweet but we will see. Plus it is probably my last Northern area. Every missionary gets at least 2 assignments to the country:) All my friends are getting home: Tanner emailed me. Kash is home. Chris, Rourke, Craig and Josh are like the last one's left still serving Missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. It is weird, I am way older than most missionaries now. Age wise. Our Zone leaders slept over and I was 2 years older than one of them and 1 year older than the other. Oh we got to bike this week. My bike is actually at the Mission Home so I am using the last Elders Bike. We biked maybe 24 miles on Saturday. It was all flat which was good, I am not very good at flats. We booked it pretty fast. That was a good work out. You get to bike in the stix so that is a fun part about it. We had 5 people to church yesterday which is decent. I wish I would have gotten like cycle cross tires at the beginning of my Mission but I probably won't bike much next year. We will see. Hopefully we can change the culture of this Ward and get referrals. Everyone is so far apart it is weird. I am never gonna live in a farm town I don't like it much. I love the cities even if they are ghetto.  Write me I need a library card!  If not, that's cool.  I am not much of a writer. I'll have to send you my last memory card with all the cool people if you promise to send it back. I really do love people a lot more. Man I can't believe how fast time goes by. Maybe its been forever cause you guys do a lot a lot of stuff I never did! Family camping... ha ha hah- pools and stuff. Plus when I get back I am gonna have to be an adult.  But Missionary work is the best so I will take that. I hope you are all doing well. I think about you all a lot less but I still love you!! I am almost done being sick!! some random eternigator at the library be talking to me... I am learning a lot here. Mostly the importance of being obedient!  I know there is a reason that I am here. I know that God loves us!  Life is hard but we have to get over it and do our best. Have a fun week.
-Elder Hall

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