Monday, October 7, 2013

I can eat 8/7/2013

Real quick funny story. On Saturday during lunch Bro Juncker, (he is legit) 2nd counselor in the Bishopric took us to a steak house. 18oz Tbone steak was the special, he made us get it. It came with a salad bar. Then came with a decent amount of fries and a piece of garlic bread. Man, I totally downed that. Then our wml wanted to talk to us over dinner before the Priesthood Session. We met at Pizza Hut, I ate half a pizza. Then after the Priesthood Session we had ice cream sundays with bananas. Man it didn't even phase me. I can eat so much. It is terrible. Elder Tubbs was sick after just eating the steak he didn't even have his fries or bread. I am totally gonna try the BW's hotwing challenge at the end of my Mission. Expect me to come home with a winners shirt! Just wanted to let you know I can eat a ton! Mission life...

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